Viruses and Security Tests/Tracing Virus Attacks and Removing Viruses

Viruses ,hackers, spam,they all lead us to look for security software. Reporting security issues regarding these attacks provides information on how they attack which in turn helps designers of antivirus and security software create better programs making prevention or better virus testing and detection more likely.

Virus as defined by Microsoft...
Virus (n.)
Code written with the express intention of replicating itself. A virus attempts to spread from computer to computer by attaching
itself to a host program.
It may damage hardware, software, or information.

Microsoft has essential reading about viruses and security threats.


Remove spyware and browser hijackers !
Lavasoft spyware removal

Trace spammers !

Cyber Crime Most Wanted

From Sophos Spam Glossary
Zombie - An insecure web server or computer that is hijacked and used in a
DOS attack or to send spam.

Trend Micro

Test your computers vulnerability to attacks
Shields Up

Spam Cop

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